How to Size Up Different Online Educational Resources

As more and more universities go online, it seems that there is a tremendous tsunami of online resources. In fact, there are so many of them that it’s hard to tell the apart.

It’s as if all the world’s universities have come online at once and you’re drowning in all these educational opportunities. How do you make sense of all these information? How do you slice and dice your time so as to maximize the value of the time you invest in online educational resources?

These are the questions you should be asking. Unfortunately, a lot of the people who discovered online educational resources look at the issue from a completely different perspective.

They just get taken in by the amount and the variety of materials available online. What do they do? They jump in with both feet and they try to “learn”. I’m telling you, that is a waste of your time.

Seriously. If that’s how you try to learn, you’re just going to end up wasting your time because you have no rhyme or reason. You’re just taking shots in the dark. You’re hoping for the best. You’re gambling with your time.

I don’t know about you, but my time is priceless. I know that if I invest time in my mind, I get smarter. If I invest time in my relationships, my relationships become more fulfilling and richer. If I invest my time in my income, I become a wealthier individual.

That’s how precious time is. It makes things grow. It is like the fertilizer of life. Unfortunately, people are all too eager to waste their time. They’re completely clueless about it, but they are eager to waste their time.

They think that they’re doing something good. They think they’re doing something positive as they hop from one online educational resource after another.

That’s the wrong way to do it. You have to size these up. You have to have some sort of system and method to make sure that at the right place at the right time, to produce the right results and get the right outcomes.

That requires planning and deliberation. This is not something that you just stumble upon. This is not something that just drops out of the sky by random luck.

This is something that you need to decide from the get go and you have to have a system. Here’s the system that I use.

First, I need to be clear about what I need to learn. More importantly, what specific knowledge I need to learn. This saves me a tremendous amount of time.

Next, I look up all the resources available on the internet using YouTube and formal educational portals and see if there are any existing materials that speak directly to the topic that I’m interested in. If I find more than one video on that topic, I then look at the comments and try to get an educated guess as to which one is the most on point.

Only after I’ve done all this research would I invest my precious time in actually watching a video. When I do that, I take notes.

This way, I don’t commit the same error over and over again. That’s how you size up different online educational resources. Otherwise, if you choose to do things differently, it will be too easy for you to waste your time.