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Why? This website is really a collection of many different educational links from all over the internet.

We have clicked on those links, checked out the videos, paid attention to the explanations as well as the supplemental materials, and we've taken online quizzes and tests.

And after going through all those, we have cherry picked the very best in terms of certain disciplines and certain niches. It took a lot of time. It definitely took a lot of effort and focus.

With that said, we are proud of what we have accomplished. You are definitely looking at a very clean list of educational resources that people from all over the world, regardless of their English proficiency, can benefit from.

After all, one of the selection criteria that we use is whether these educational materials are written and presented in plain everyday English. We're not looking for materials that are produced by professors to appeal to other professors. We're not looking for hyper academic stuff.

Now, please note that although a lot of these videos were originally published by universities and talk about academic subjects, they definitely are not boring. They're not dull, nor are they lifeless. And this is why the number of fans of this website continues to grow every passing day.

I can't even begin to tell you how many times people write me in the course of a week about how glad they were when they found this website. A lot of them even say that this is the first time they can actually learn stuff online.

I really am grateful for such testimonies. In fact, they make my day because it has made all the countless time, effort and energy as well as the blood, sweat and tears that got poured into this website all so worth it.

With that said, this website has plenty of room for improvement. One area of room for improvement is the fact that websites, for one reason or another, do go bad. Maybe the domain name doesn't get renewed, maybe the pages start loading the wrong way, or maybe the pages are not formatted for mobile devices. Sometimes, there are hosting issues. These are computers that serve up the files that make up the website.

Regardless of the true nature of the problem, people clicking on these links don't always get to see the content that they came for. This is where you come in.

Since you're going to be clicking through these materials, do speak up if you come across a bad link. Do let us know if there are certain web pages that are not loading properly. Also, be on the lookout for links that supposedly will take you to one place and end up taking you to another. These are called redirect links.

We need to find these out because sometimes, websites redirect their links for whatever reason. We need to know so we can make sure that the links that we post here actually go to the places that we say they will go to.

We want to serve you. We want you to get maximum value from this website. Unfortunately, we cannot do it alone. Please help us out by letting us know if there are any issues with any of the links or the descriptive text on this website.